out of this world


Our lips collided

One wet day in June.  

‘Twas unexpected,

The rain and the kiss.

I would have blamed the moon

Sadly,it was noon.

I guess ’twas ‘cos he 

crooned the tune 

to the lyrics which he wrote in rune.

He poured his soul into 

the music as he played it 

On the strings of my heart.

‘Twas a melody to die for.


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6 thoughts on “RUSH

  1. The warmth.
    Oh! Such pure warmth,
    Like being enveloped in an igloo
    Right in the equator of the north pole.

    I hope you won’t have to go,
    So we can stay warm and cozy all day
    As I play you more notes…

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  2. Adeleke Julianah on said:

    This left me breathless!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow
    Sensual this is…
    The melody of a heart
    Discovering it’s timbre

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