Tunde :  a screenwriter who lost his flair for writing .

Muse: an imaginary girl  who tries to help him get back to writing .


[TUNDE sips from a glass of palm wine. Then he types on a typewriter. He read through and rumples the sheet of paper. There are about 50 rumpled sheets of papers. He inserts another paper. He types again and repeats the same thing.
His Invisible Muse picks one of the rumpled sheets and reads it silently (Written on it is just a scene heading and the first line of action.) she smiles and nods to herself.]

MUSE: You can’t get anything done like this.
(Tunde hurriedly puts another paper and tries to type again but same thing happens. He hits his hand angrily on the typewriter. He continues repeating the action. His Muse talks on.)
MUSE: You can’t get stuck here… the forest, your grandmother’s bamboo bed, your grandfather’s typewriter…You can’t write anything unless you move away from here…
Don’t you want to leave here? You realize if you waste any more time, you won’t meet up with the deadline?
(Tunde stops trying and buries his head in his palms, sobbing. Muse gets up and walks over to Tunde. She touches him on the cheek gently.)
MUSE: You are not a painter; I would have stripped so you’ll paint me naked. (She sits beside him.) Or do you want to ‘write’ me naked? Will it inspire you?

TUNDE: (with head still buried in palms) you are not that attractive. (He looks at Muse for a while. Still not interested, stands up and walks away).
MUSE: Zoe Kazan! She threw her grandfather’s typewriter into the ocean. You are the only one left.
(After some moments of silence, Tunde walks away slowly.)
TUNDE: (almost crying) I can’t do this anymore.
MUSE: Lights will guide you home… And you will try… (Tunde closes her mouth with his palm).
TUNDE: I can’t fix it. It’s stupid of me to keep trying. I can’t. I’m tired. I’m sorry.
(Tunde leaves his typewriter and an old camera. He kisses her forehead and leaves).


written by :John Ugoji and Chinyere Akalugwu


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