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Thanks for the nomination puppyDoc. I am quite honored to having such a wonderful Doc as you delight in my blog.

PuppyDoc is one of my favorite Doctor blogger. check her out at  :


5 FACTS about Amity

So, instead of stating facts about Amity, she decides to find out what these creative minds think.

Amity is:

  • Artistically impulsive. she enjoys fantasies of the mind.- Guido
  • She is more of a passionate romantic writer. – Taiwo Odumala’s Blog
  • exceptional poetess- Julian
  •  dark poet, conflicted, complex and witty- The Z Channel
  • she is very experimental and original –The Blogger’s Blog 


– petitemagique: she is one of my favorite poetry blogger.  She gives soul to her poems and one can feel her words breathing.

– DrSwag : He retells bible stories with such creativity. He has got a godly Swag on.

– HARD VOICES : he has his ways with words. he paints colorful pictures with them.

– Wuji Seshat : I love his love for poetry. He is spectacular with weaving words into succulent edible poems.

– Depearl : I stumbled upon his poetry lately and I fell in love with them. still trying to figure out why.

– Zika’s Musings : she is a ‘gentle’  experimental writer. she is very creative.


*** I know some of you do not dig blog awards but Amity has got to do what Amity has got to do.

Thank you.

Dear Nominees

  1. Nominate blogs you enjoy and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  2. Pass these rules onto them
  3. Thank and post the link that nominated you
  4. Share 5 facts about you to your readers



12 thoughts on “They said…

  1. Hello Amity. Thank you for the nomination. You can be sure I’ll do the necessary when the time comes. I appreciate you very much because you have a beautiful heart. Thanks again for the recognition. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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