out of this world

Finding ME


 Perhaps, an illusion

All we had, all we shared 

 now flashing memories.

Perhaps we moved too fast,

possibly changing the course of destiny

 as we moved through our life’s story.

So I traveled back in time

Time itself slowed down for me 

to savor every moment we had shared.

I absorbed the good and discarded the bad.

As I traveled through ‘our story’,

I found ‘me’ where I lost ‘me’, 

the same place I first found you

only that this time I looked away from you

because I already knew how the story would end.

As I journeyed through space time continuum,

way back to when you were non-existent,

I rediscovered what it meant to be ‘me’ without you.



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17 thoughts on “Finding ME

  1. There were good times,
    That is all that matters…
    It might not mean much in the present,
    But going back to savour them means something.
    Times change but the event are etched,
    Probably in stone,
    By fate and faith.

    What it was to be us without them?
    A very cool place to visit,
    Only that we can never stay there…
    ‘Cos now,
    We are defined by the experiences they brought.

    “Me” likey. 🙂

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  2. This is just beautiful. Good to hear from you Amity. I take it you went to London to see the queen ☺Welcome back.

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  3. Adeleke Julianah on said:

    Captivating and wonderfully carved.
    I wish we could all have the chance to go back in time and right some wrongs.
    But wishes were never horses.
    Nice piece Amity, real nice.
    Welcome back.

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  4. I can’t find the like button!!! I wanted to like it first before goshing on and on about how much I love the bit.

    When it comes to nostalgia, ‘m always a number one fan. It takes a lot to re-adjust to the realities of life without the comforting nudge of that loved one, or their sweet words, or just the mere impact of their sheer presence… it takes a whole damn lot! But seeing as you sailed through this redefinition fine, and came back through with a you, after having discarded the ‘us’, you sure deserve an ovation!

    Welldone Amity, I am glad time slowed down for ya! 🙂

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  5. tobiloba on said:

    I absorbed the good and discarded the bad. Sometimes We wish to go back in time n do some things right or treasure those things more. powerful words as i said earlier. creativity at its best. words so Beautiful n making me feel nostalgic. Well done sexy bff.

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  6. Lost me I did. I found me where I didn’t leave me. But by then, I had grown apart from the me I left behind.

    Nice piece, Sleek…

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  7. ,,,cool beans! I loike! Good one as usual sis…

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  8. This is brilliant…top notch, evocative and gripping.

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