out of this world

Redeem the day

Sleeping in beds of delay.
I dream.
Praying that he’ll make a way.
It seems
Fighting only taints the day.
Fresh streams
Of blood and mud and old decay.
Their schemes
Satan looks at us as prey.
His team
Succeed at leading us astray.
Bad themes
Smite our lives to make us pay.
But beams
Of light from heaven does convey,
God’s steam.
The Holy spirit we must obey.
Soft as God? Or hard as clay.
Your means
Determine if you go or stay.
Your soul, your heart, redeem the day.

Written by Kadeen


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One thought on “Redeem the day

  1. I feel this beautiful poem won’t be complete if I don’t say how people it is. Pity, she didn’t she (or he) didn’t share their twitter handle. My lost!

    Amity, can you do something?


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