out of this world

Take it

Take it, take it, take it all.

Break the wall I built so tall.

Make me weak and make me small.

Push me, pull me, watch me fall. 

Take it, take it, take my heart.

See love’s earthquake, watch it start.

Longing, loathing we’re apart.
Aim for bullseye, love filled dart.

Take it, take it, take my smiles.  

Feed yourself with my worth whiles.

Bring me pain and bring me trials.

Walk your distance, fly your miles.

Take it, take it, take my best. 

Breathe my joy exhale my stress. 

Come and take my peace and rest.

Lose my key and hide the chest.  

Take it now that’s all you do.

The only one you love is you. 

Caught me then you hurt me too.

So take it, take! It’s nothing new.

Written by Kadeen


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11 thoughts on “Take it

  1. Excellent piece. Would make a nice and luvly soundtrack ☺

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  2. It’s so sweet to take it all in😃

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  3. Reblogged this on Simon Muchendu’s Blog and commented:
    Take it take take it all …. Really Loved this one

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  4. Adeleke Julianah on said:

    Oly Molly!
    Enchanting piece!

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  5. Read it once
    Read it again..

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