spreading Love

Thank you christinejwchu for nominating  Amity to taking part in spreading love.

You’d like her to share her thoughts on love in 10 lines,

using four words in each line and each line to include the word love ,

and give her favorite quote on love.

She is indeed  honored and  hope she’s got the words to describe love.



Finding Love is magical

Nurturing love is transforming


Keeping love is hard,

when lust dilutes love.


Finding love is beautiful

Unconditional  love breaking  barriers


Speaking  love is healing

giving love is Priceless  


Finding love is splendor

Staying in love… heaven.


Amity’s  favorite love quote 



I will like to invite these lovely people to share their thoughts on love

and keep sharing the gift of love.



PuppyDoc (Phoebe)




Heedriz Depearl





13 thoughts on “spreading Love

  1. You’ve done it again! Bravo for this exceptional piece. ‘Keeping love is hard, when lust dilutes love.’ Very true in our world today. And this: ‘Unconditional love breaking barriers.’ Simple yet strong. Thank you for responding to the nomination! This poem is really overflowing with love 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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