I eat it as a meal everyday
The sharp edges of it’s painful grip beg me to bleed and stay.

I’ve lost it in this game of flow
Blindly I walk into my own pit and I wish that my rainbow would go.

I walk around with no shield
Open and swollen with bruises and holes my soul the fierce battlefield.

I’m never one to be picked
Slowly I fade as I’m left on my own crying from hurt and sick.

Sleeping in pools of tears
I close myself off then a rip is exposed and brings to light all my fears

I do not own it’s key
I slip and I fall I run and I craw and fail miserably.

Written by Kadeen


14 thoughts on “Rejection…

  1. Very strong piece, reminds me of some works people read in performance poetry. Glad you have this place to express yourself and share your thoughts. You might want to consider reading some of your poetry aloud on youtube or something like that, I think the audio would be fascinating. πŸ™‚

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  2. Thank you everyone πŸ™‚
    I have considered that Janni but I’m a bit nervous speaking them out lol. I do think I’ll try that soon though… Thank you Amity for always sharing my poems!


  3. …Right now I am feeling like Jacob saying “God was in this place, and I did not know it”…We have been colliding like two meteors in blogosphere,yet I am just getting to know this….YOU ARE QUITE THE POET!!! WOW!!! Such lovely lines you weave my sister…

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  4. Kadeen! As always, this is beautiful. I love that your poems are simple, true… with way more raw feelings than letters and words. I like that your poetry tells a story, evokes feelings, offers a common ground and just as well makes a soulful read.

    Art is you, alright! Please keep writing.

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