Where’s my knife my precious friend 
That sharpened stone of jagged end 

It knows my flesh both outside in
 It tears away and carries skin 

Protecting me from living life 
Piercing through to end the strife

My only help it’s metal cold 
Always doing what it’s told.

When all else fails it’s it and I 
We fight to win we fight to die 

I wish that I could turn back now 
And change my mind to change my vow

That day that train I wish I fell 
Regretting that the man could tell. 

My sweet intent why did he see?
What I would do, he murdered me.

That lonely poppy filled with blood 
Of war and pain it barely stood

And now it drowns in soil and dirt 
I stand to fall embrace the hurt. 

All alone with no one there 
But now I’m numb and do not care. 

Present people act my past 
With empty words that never last. 

So I have learnt to walk alone 
To face my thoughts all on my own 

“I won’t be there but you’re in my heart”
Those words cut deep and knifed apart

My very soul, it slipped away 
I always knew it wouldn’t stay. 

So pain is now my new best friend 
At least I know it will not end 

It knows me well from outside in
All I have to lose is skin.

*Written by Kadeen*


5 thoughts on “Abandoned

  1. Thank you Zikaolofin and Adeleke! I’m happy you liked it. This poem is to remind people that we’re all human and everyone has their down days… Even the most happiest of people. God bless you xx

    Liked by 1 person

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