Now I hear his tears whispering my name
Echoes from the past as he bare his fears
Very loud and clear is the cry of one so dear
Ear-throbbing wail of a broken heart
Roaring like a wounded bear seeking revenge
Love is not his cup of tea, although I feel he cares
Am I not a victim too of love gone wrong?
No one can set me free from this deafening cry
Down. Deep down I head hoping not to return
Just when I thought to give up
An angelic voice I hear
You can not imagine how my fear it cleared.

*This is written for Jay who stayed no matter how he felt
He played.making ‘Neverland’ a beautiful place.
Constantly musing her without knowing it.
Jay, you are the best.*


11 thoughts on “Neverland-Jay

  1. Awwww, this is so sweet.

    Arlie once put a dp that the best people are those who always stay (those who never leave) and I think this poem’s a reflection of that.

    Very nicely written and reads like something that’s straight from deep within.

    I pray the muse never leaves you.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Amity! Amity! Amity! Oh-my.

    It’s beautiful, and very Jay. My very very sweet Charlie! I do miss him, and that muse of his that made us write really beautiful things together.

    You did justice to him with this poem, and indeed, he is a true HR. Neverland must truly be glad to have one of his kind.

    Welldone Amity! We love you. 🙂

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