There was an eagle flying in the sky as free as can be.

The height of its ascent was rapidly increasing, very high.

And the speed of this eagle in flight was 75 mph.

Now this eagle decided to close it’s eyes so it could embrace the wind,

just for a split second, whilst flying at maximum height and maximum speed.

It was extremely skillful and confident of his wings.

But It crashed straight into a wall.

A wall that was transparent with no visible edges.

A wall that completely blended into the sky.

What’s happened to the eagle?

Completely and utterly destroyed on impact.

What’s the name of that wall? Pride.

The English language spells pride so accordingly to it’s meaning; with an “I” bang on in the middle

of the word.It’s one of the biggest downfall of God’s children.The higher and faster you fly in your

spiritual journey,the greater the potential damage.Pride can not only ruin your own salvation,

but it can also ruin the salvation of the souls that surround you.#It can destroy your connection

with God,hinder your destiny and bring destruction and chaos to your life.For the bible says in

proverbs 16:18 “Pride goes before destruction,and a haughty spirit before a fall.


” It grieves God’s heart when he sees his son or daughter fall to pride.Hidden pride is just as

wicked if not more than open pride. At least with open pride,you are more likely to be advice or

corrected by another child of God that can see it.But if you are proud in your heart,even though

you don’t act it publicly, God sees right through you. You may not express your mind, but your

mind will express you. A wise person always told me to be submissive and to serve others.

It’s better to pray for prevention rather than a cure.


Pray for God to remove any feelings of self righteousness and pride that are present or brewing.

Ask God to forgive you for any pride you may have intentionally or unintentionally, and to make

you submit. You find a stain on your favourite shirt, what do you do? Soap and water can’t wash

out all stains; Pride being one of those stubborn stains. It needs that special bleach made

specifically to remove that stain. Christ is the bleach that will remove your stain and restore you

once again, anew. If that eagle kept it’s eyes open, the edges of the wall would have been clearly

visible. Keep the eyes of your heart open to God. Walk in humility and humble yourselves, for

“God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6).

Written by Kadeen


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