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Dear dairy( confuse)

Dear dairy
Today .
I stepped back from me. I separated Me from me.
I needed to, ‘cos Me and me stopped feeling the same way about him.

I needed to know who felt what and why. I needed to stop this whirligig thoughts that has vowed to ruin my fragile mind.

‘Me’ is untamed; She lets her imaginations run wild. (She is wild anyway). She wants him near, to love him dear. All sorts of sensual thought runs through her mind. In her little mind world, She’s built a castle for both of them , where they would live happily ever after.

But the other me feels repelled by such lasciviousness.
She is more reserved and cultured too
She is so true to self. She see him like he is; a friend. A good friend at that.

Now I need to choose a me and that seem hard you see. But come to think of it….It not that hard.
Dear dairy, I will choose one that cause me less pain…I think I lied cos both ways one me is bound to hurt.


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4 thoughts on “Dear dairy( confuse)

  1. Uhmm, typical alter-egos. But hey, he’s just a friend to one of ‘you’? Wheew!
    It really ain’t that hard anyways…

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  2. Adeleke Julianah on said:

    Outstanding Piece!

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