The photographers


JANET ( in her 20’s) taking pictures of morning birds.

MIKE (in his mid 30’s) also taking pictures of birds, calls out to her…

MIKE: Wife.
(Janet ignores Mike’s voice)
MIKE :Wife!

(Janet turns)
JANET: Are you talking to me?

MIKE: I am actually talking to the bird
you captured on camera.

JANET: (laughingvery funny.
(Continues taking pictures. Then stops…)
errmm, why did you just call me your
MIKE: (grinning)Because we are soul mates.

JANET:(confuseHow do you mean?

MIKE: You see… we seem to like the same things,
We take pictures every morning,

We love the same kind of movies,

We even complete each others sentences.

Does that not make us a soul in two bodies?

JANET: You are crazy.
( returns to taking pictures)

MIKE:(looking serious now)I’m serious.

JANET: Get out.

MIKE:I’m serious!

JANET:(angry) Get out!

(Mike takes a picture of her angry)

JANET: Why did you do that?

MIKE: (smiling)Because I want to keep it as a
reminder of our first date. Thanks.
(Mike turns to leave)

JANET: Wait… You said we love the same
kind of movies, what kind of
movies are they?

MIKE: The Great Gatsby.

JANET: That’s a perfect guess.

MIKE: Blue Jasmine.

JANET:(surprise) Another perfect guess.

MIKE: The notebook.

JANET:(laughing) You own a crystal ball, right?

MIKE ( smiling) Sure…and a voodoo doll too that
can make you fall in love with me.
I also got other magic tricks to
make you do stuff.

JANET: ( looks at him intensely) Hmmmm…  Use some of your
magic on me. Make me do stuff.

(Mike thinks for a while)
MIKE: Imitation Game, this evening at the
city cinema.

(Janet feign  thinking too)
JANET: I pass on that. Your magic is expired.

(Mike takes one more picture of Janet then turns and walks away)

JANET : I’ll be at the 4pm showing. It’s a
MIKE: I still got the magic stick.
Mike leaves.
Janet (smiles then takes another picture)


Written by Jay.
He describes himself as an aspiring  film maker and screenwriter, lovers of movies, old school music and anything arts generally.


3 thoughts on “The photographers

  1. Hmm…its one thing for a person to get ‘hit’ on the first sight! You know, like ‘Dynamite’, eye-popping and another to be well versed in reeling out the absolute ‘dopest’ pick up lines to mesmerize and get with such a person! This guy right here’s got mad game and skills, definitely not lacking charisma and he pulled it off effortlessly! The lady on the other hand’s not a novice either! She knew the exact things to say! I coulda sworn they were already hitched with the way guy went on, addressing her as wife! That was pretty smart of him, his ‘gamble’ paid off and he got himself a date and perhaps, a wifey! Coolness! *laughing*

    This sizzles Quaint and Dainty China! Not the usual kinda post! I absolutely love it and the author’s got something here too! This more than passes for a typical scene from a Blockbuster Movie! Perfect lines! I wish him all the best, he’s on the right track and really should pursue this! Thanks for sharing dear, rock on! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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