The Wall…

Art by: amity

There is something about you;
it feels like the morning dew,
awakening my soul.
It draws me to you every clock tick.

I try to reach it
but I can’t touch it.
I see you reach out
but you can’t feel it.

There is something about me too;
I guess you don’t know it yet.
I can’t figure it out either.
All I can say is it lives in me.

Don’t try to find it.
Don’t try at all.
It is a part of me you’ll never know.
We’ll just pretend it doesn’t exist.

There is something about us;
We love, we laugh, we live in dreamland
but for the wall,
ours would have been heavens made.

Shall we break it?
Can we change it?
Shall we scale it?
Shall we pretend it exist not?

There is  really  nothing  about  us;
It’s  just a dream, a beautiful  dream.
If only I could sleep forever…
Then this wall, ‘reality’, shall be broken.


16 thoughts on “The Wall…

  1. Ah.

    This will make one of the best pieces i’ll ever read from you. I like the contradictions. How we are here, but not here; there, yet nowhere. In love, in want of each other; but better off alone and apart. I totally love.

    Welldone Amity! Get better and way way better please! This suits you well. 🙂

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  2. So, I read through this riveting masterpiece much earlier on in the day and I was reminded of some beautiful lines I saw earlier on in the week on Vonita’s ‘Passion with Poetry’ blog! A beautiful piece entitled ‘A Winter’s Tale’! The lines are as follows:

    A love that was meant to be

    A love that could never be

    A love that reminded me

    That some loves are

    Only for


    I had to go look these up before dropping ma thoughts! They’re so relateable, surreal! You totally nailed this darl, and thank you so much for that sketch! Its beautiful! You’re bootiful! MWAH! LOL

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  3. Oh I totally love this poem. It’s rich in the opposites. Hmm Amity, you never cease to thrill me with your lines. I love this, really really love this. Also reminds me of your november 29 poem “For the best.” I totally loved that one too. Kudos to you girl. You are one brilliant poet.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful rendition. As always, you did justice to these poetic lines. You Amity, are Amazing…I love evry bit of it. I relate to this poem in more ways than one…

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