Amity’s Passion…

The Z Channel

It is Day 2.

The second of the fairy sisters have spun her wand and out comes this jolly and feel good poem that reminds us of the cheer in the air, and the reason for the season.



It is Christmas

A season to be merry

Gifts and wrappers

Brightly lit streets

Snowless winter
Leafless trees-a-Twinkling

Puddings and crackers

Somewhere in the busy city
A soul-a-crying

Down in the cold alley
A heart is a-mourning

‘Cos it still don’t feel like Christmas without-a-loving

* give a gift of love to those who can’t repay you…
Visit  the Motherless, homeless, old people’s home… Lets share the joy of Christmas with them*

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2 thoughts on “Amity’s Passion…

  1. Like I said on the original post and I still reiterate, this is a spectacular piece of poetry, magically concocted! Its so easy to get carried away this season, just losing ourselves in all the fanfare that comes with the Yuletide celebration! It’s a pretty commendable, mighty impressive thing, reminding us to not just spare a loving thought for those in dire need around us, but also to give freely of ourselves! That’s by far the bestest part of this piece for me and that was mighty thoughtful of you, sweet angel! Shine on Quaint and Dainty China; shine right on! MWAH! LOL

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