out of this world


She dragged herself along the dusty and narrow path that led to the notorious twelve pins.

The path was well hidden by bushes so that only those who knew about the twelve pins could access it.

She had heard them talk quietly among themselves about how ‘magically dangerous’ the twelve pin is.

They, the ‘strange ones’, with the funny hair cut.

She had never thought she would be going there herself as she had always sneered at them with the funny hair cut.

As if hypnotized, She found herself  heading there  that  evening.

She craved ‘magic‘ Suicidal as it seemed.

Her heavy feet dragged along the dusty path.

It was a long walk and her throat begged for a drop of liquid.

Any liquid.

Her heart beat faster with every step she took closer to the twelve pins, threatening to bust out of her aching chest.

As she dragged herself along, thoughts of earlier occurrence burdened her  heart.

She needed to forget it.

After walking the seemingly never ending length of the bushy path, she came to a wide opening and right at the

center was the twelve pins.

She headed towards it  with the little strength left in her.

Once she got to the entrance which looked like a lion’s open mouth, she pressed the teeth-like buzzer and a husky

voice asked for the pass-code.

She knew the pass-code because she had overheard it from the them with the strange hair cut.

She nervously repeated what she heard.

The door swung open.

She walked in, her heart in her mouth.

The air in the dimly lit room  was kind of offensive to her nostrils but it really did not matter to her.

She had a mission and the mission must be accomplished.

She found her way to the counter.

She could feel all eyes on her.

She knew they knew she was new and different too.

She had always been different.

She never seem to fit in anywhere.

Her being different brought her this far.

She needed a cure.


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14 thoughts on “CURE

  1. I love the styling of this piece, the suspense and all. I’m loving your work Amity.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. One begins to wonder what pain she carries in her chest and what she is running from to have made her embark on such a dangerous mission. Could it be desperation or despair?

    Nice piece of writing…suspenseful, supernatural and fantasy… very nice

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  3. Intriguing read, this and surreal too! Also very visually, graphically enriching, with great attention to detail, foolproof! Not giving much information away, yet having the ability to sustain and retain the interest of the reader, who’s left drooling, wanting and panting for more! And em…. that would be me! LOL

    I wonder if she’s seeking a cure cause she perceives herself as ‘different’? So many unanswered questions as abound in a typical World-Class Sci-fi Thriller! Well done gurl, you nailed it! *applauding*

    Liked by 2 people

    • Well …
      It is an experimental piece
      More will come as I learn.
      I do surely appreciate your comments and your constant visit to my blog.
      If there is any suggestion on improving don’t hesitate to dish them out.

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  4. This is an avant-garde piece. Refreshing and original. It feels like one of such moments when you are searching for something but you don’t know what it is, you are heading down a path but you are not sure what it brings…

    What lies ahead? Magic or misery?

    Lovely piece Amity. Your creative mind knows no bounds. Keep exploring!

    *big hug*

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  5. I loved this so much, isn’t it true? 🙂

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  6. Those times when you find yourself walking the path you’ve sworn you were to good for, wishing to find solace in those exact things you’ve laughed at, praying somehow on that path, a cure will come for you… I can relate… And as usual, I’m in love…

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  7. This reminds me of a certain novel I fell in love with a long while ago- “The scions of shanara”. Magic, oh, how much I love magic… In texts that is.

    I saw myself beside her, walking at her pace, observing her needs, measuring her pain in her aching heart.

    Yes, I could see their eyes too, gazing deep into us in the twelve pins.

    Are we in a tavern?! If yes, I hope they serve water, ‘cos I’m a teetotal.

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