Once Upon A Time, She Was…

Zika's Musings

insane 3

Once upon a time, she was sane,
Life couldn’t be rosier, like sugarcane,
Ere the pains of life became her bane,
And ‘joie de vivre’ began to wane.

Once upon a time, not so far away,
A frown she could keep at bay,
The Smile, her winning way,
Gracing her face every day.

insane 5

Once upon a time, she ‘danced in the rain,’
Her gust of wind daring the weather vane,
We wondered wherefrom such might and main,
This chatterbox who lit up our erstwhile quiet lane.

Once upon a time before she crossed the line,
The thin boundary between insane and not deranged,
Before she lost the stitch that could have saved her nine,
She must have been lucid, she must have been unchained.


Poet’s personal note: I believe that no person is born with mental illness. This is something that develops over time and then just snaps…

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2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time, She Was…

  1. This is an awesome piece Zika. First i’ll be reading from your stables. Glad Amity reposted. Very touching, and yeah, noone is born insane. Just one tweak of fate, one flimsy horrid second, and the person is not the same anymore. It’s sad. So very sad watching people in such an absent and pitiable state of mind, but like a friend would always say, who knows whether they pity the sane people too?


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