out of this world


She wakes up early staring at the picture once again

Hoping it will give her answers this time

It stares back at her in mocking silence

The silence holds the answer

The answer had been with her all along

She was too overwhelmed to feel it

Her teary eyes could not to see it

Her bleeding heart too feeble to beat to its rhythm

She had it all. She lost it.




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14 thoughts on “Answer…

  1. Sad. Hope she can heal soon.

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  2. Wanted to ask what she had lost, but u have answered.

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  3. Did he die? or has he become just a memory? Will it be morning again?

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  4. Often times, we scour through the earth in search of something that’s not truly missing. Because it’s pertaining to the heart, we guess and second- guess, reason and doubt ourselves, and eventually we are unable to think as right and we lose sight of the very obvious things.

    I hope she finds her magic again. And this time, I hope she recognises it soon enough, and keeps it as close.

    Welldone Amity!

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  5. Guido Contini on said:

    Can relate to that. We generally loose or miss or let people go only yo miss them not long after they’re gone.

    Nice lines. Something most people can relate to.

    Well done.

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  6. This is such an intriguing masterpiece! More like, the more you look the less you see kinda thing! Things are not always what they seem but then again, its all just in the mind! So then, what’s the narrator’s state of mind?! There lies the answer desperately being sought after! Our people often say this, ‘Person wey dey cry, dey see road’, so it couldn’t possibly be the tears that created that blinding effect! My word! LOL

    I’ve often referred to you as something of an enigma Quaint and Dainty China! This is a pretty abstract piece, deep and well, a tink-tank! Kudos!

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