My sub-C

My mind,Our mind
best film-
maker yet undiscovered
takes fragments of our daily experiences
turns it into the best unedited moving pictures never produced
while we are asleep.
If only we could capture
each moving scene
that plays through our sub-C
We may all, Maybe I would
most film awards win.
My mind, Our mind
The greatest film producer
Yet undiscovered.

* sub-C :subconscious


3 thoughts on “My sub-C

  1. Our subconscious indeed is greatly enriched with so much possibilities and ‘accomplishments’, just waiting to be made manifest in the physical and that is by no means an easy feat! If only real life could slightly measure up to one-tenth the things we have in our heads…..our lives will be a lot more dandy! I guess that’s why its so much easier to escape to the blissful land of dreams, daydreaming and fantasizing ’bout things we can only get in the dream world, and just lapping up, only to get back to statuesque when we snap outta our reveries! A temporary relief I say ! *laughing*

    Thumbs up gurl, you totally brought this! The human subconscious is the ultimate dreamer’s haven and get-away! Nice one! Lol

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