out of this world

In the shadow

When the shadow beckons
My head spins
My mind go blank
The mysterious sound
My mind legs move on their own accord
My heart dances to its rhythm
Sonorous tune piping
When the shadow beckons
I heed
I have no say
My mind find its way
Down the dark path
Lonely thoughts
Pushes me deeper
I find solace
I feel at home
There in the shadow
Where I belong.


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2 thoughts on “In the shadow

  1. This is such a depressive piece! So not a good place to be found dead, much less lingering in! The narrator’s gotta take back control from the shadows and begin to call the shots again otherwise, disaster may just be looming over and beneath the horizon, with dire consequences!

    A beautifully concocted piece! Thumbs up gurl!

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