out of this world


A little magic is all I need;
sprinkle of magical dust,
shake of the golden fairy wand,
Then I can wish my day a-new
Do I believe in fairies
did I hear you ask?
Everything is magical to me
Blinking, Talking even Kissing…
Makes life more fun to live
‘Cos the stressful bits
I wish away.


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2 thoughts on “Magic

  1. Really, a little “magic” is all we need to wish the stress away. Wishing you that kind of “magic” everyday.

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  2. Aw! This is such a magical piece, very enchanting too I must add! Way to go gurl! *laughing*

    I came across this funny bit when scouring the net that goes a little something like this;

    ‘Dear Idealist and Realist,

    While you both bickered and argued ’bout the glass of milk, I drank it!



    In other words, our lives are what we choose for ’em to be! If I choose to behold magic in everything I do and see, so be it! Who’s contesting my claims, when I aint?! *shrugs* LOL

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