For the best

It is will be a distant memory
What we shared,
what we loved,
you and I.

All will be gone
with each passing day;
One summer after another,
one winter after another.
All will be but faint memories…

I am happier now,
I can’t complain.
Life has been fair,
this is true.

Although now and then memories of you flood my mind.
It does hurt I must confess.

Here I am
all alone in the park,
‘our park’.
Sitting on bench,
‘our bench’.

The autumn breeze slapping gently on my skin,
As I Watch the ducks scramble to be fed by passers by.
We fed them too-
You and I,
We had fun doing so.

I see the swans,
Your favourite swans
floating graceful on the lake,
‘our lake’.
You did name one after me.

When the sun shines,
it reminds me of our walk
though this park,
‘Our park’.
Hand in hand ,
side by side –
You and I
in our little world.

You talked so sweet,
made me laugh,
Your sweet smile
Healing as it were…
Yes! You had such effect on me.

I never had thought
a day like this would come
When I,
would all by myself, sit on this bench. ‘Our bench’,
In this park,
‘Our park’.

Looking back I smile to myself
What sweet memories….
I do wonder
what life would have been if we were….
Maybe it is for the best
We had to part ways
You and I.

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2 thoughts on “For the best

  1. This tugged at my heart strings! I despise goodbyes, especially when beautiful memories of epic proportions and of such enormous magnitude as seen in this wonderful piece, have sprouted and sprung forth! Its pretty disheartening and I pretty much wonder if its indeed for the best! The narrator did a poor job of convincing me with the ‘maybe’ and that speaks volume too! Lol

    You did good girl, many can relate with this! Double thumbs up, keep it coming! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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