out of this world

The Calling


I enter the room and there is silence.
I cannot decipher it’s size as the atmosphere is absent of light as it is of sound.
It seems as if the heat that previously situated itself in this room has also joined company with light and sound.


I alert my brain to move, but my limbs refuse to obey. It was as if an invisible weight was shackled to my ankles and handcuffs to my wrists.

“Why can’t I move? ” I rhetorically mumble to myself. Not expecting to expect anything. Grateful that I still had my tongue even though the darkness robbed my sight and fear my movement.

“Release your burdens child.” A voice beamed from every corner of the room. The majestic melody raised every hair he made on my body. My soul located his Holy Presence as if I and My King were opposite ends of a magnet.

“ABBA?” I cried and there he was! Standing, waiting. Mightily high but humbly so. A face I could recognise but did not see.

“Child. Take my word and disperse it as seeds amongst all you meet. So that they grow into trees and harvest even more. Take your burden and give it to my only begotten son. Home awaits when your journey is complete.” Tears streaming from my eyes spilled onto my cheeks as I absorb my Heavenly Father’s words.
Hands from behind me touched my shoulders and removed the heavy load I had on my back. With great relief I turned around to face my Saviour. His feet bare and clothed in plain white robes. He smiles at me. He kissed my cheek and collected my tears in a vile.
“Jesus! I am a sinner not worthy of your affection and love. Forgive me please. I am so sorry.” I wept at his feet. Jesus raised me up and pointed towards another part of the room. I look. I see a wooden cross.
“My love for you will keep you strong.” The Lord gently says. And then the room transforms. Plants and fruits of numerous types were blossoming into new seed.
I then heard “Go my child. And sow fields and plant vineyards, And gather a fruitful harvest. Be strong and of Good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave nor forsake you ”

Written by Kadeen

( Kadeen loves writing poems and views it as a sort of therapy. She likes to sing and her favorite color is yellow :))


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2 thoughts on “The Calling

  1. Lovely…
    Only Christ delivers…

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