out of this world

Unknown Game

A group of people in an unknown circle playing an unknown game.
Dancing and laughing and eagerly embracing spirits to drive them insane.

They know not what they do, and not what they say, but pleasures they blindly appease.
Ignoring the rules of his treacherous play for carnal desires with ease.

He leads their minds and twists their hearts, malicious with his intent.
Filling them up with false love and god’s that temporarily make them content.

Fire he breathes and swords he eats with his unlimited cup of death.
War are his garments, sin are his eyes that he pierces them fiercely with.

The day is retreating and light is now gone, instead the Shadows arise.
The players of game are now weary and scared for darkness they strongly despise.

They decide to leave their doom bound circle but satan will never allow.
They gave him their flesh by sacrificing soul, so by law they belong to him now.

They cry to God and ask God for mercy but no response do they feel.
The Holy Ghost was rejected by them, allowing demons their spirit to steal.

The game had its rules which was read to them all but they were just hard to hear.
And now that the ultimate price has been asked, only now they are fully aware.

The molten ash and intense heat from the endless pit down below.
Calls them home to burning anguish so torment they will surely know.

If they understood that their body and flesh was not a permanent loan.
They would exhault our Lord in mind and spirit, eternal peace they would have known.

But they let the enemy consume their vessel with no regret or remorse.
God showed them the light but they turned away from him dancing on Lucifer’s course.

We are in a circle in an unknown game, so tell me, what should we do?
Walk away from their carnal desires, ask Jesus to make us anew.

Written by Kadeen

( Kadeen loves writing poems and views it as a sort of therapy. She likes to sing and her favorite color is yellow :))


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