I stopped growing

I knew it not

‘Cos like the flower pot

on the window sill

was I placed ;

as tall as a tree,

felt I,

till my reflection

saw I

On the window,

A Gaping

At my foolishness.

Then realised I my delusion.

I stopped moving

But I knew it not

‘Cos like a child

on a merry-go-round

Sat I

moving fast

felt I.

Till around me saw.

Then realised I

That nowhere was I

But where I Was

all the while.

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9 thoughts on “INERT

  1. Wow! You’re really good with whipping up abstract masterpieces! You know, like an illusion, a mirage, I see it but then again did I REALLY see or could be that my mind’s playing tricks on me?! Very intriguing this, and so ‘Amity’ too! *laughing* Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You just hit the bullseye with that rejoinder Quaint and Dainty China! I mean, how could I possibly top that?! Apa ti jabo, hand don fall down and am left with no other choice but to sing a-tra-la-la-la like the Canary! LMAO!

        This masterpiece is so Amity in the sense that you seem to have carved a niche for yourself in churning out intriguing, very thrilling pieces! Kinda like paranormal in perfect sync with your obvious fascination with aliens and monsters! And like I said on one of your earlier posts, with you; the more you look, the less you see! Which is why I dubbed thee an enigma! You know, like nothing’s what it seems! *phew* ROTFL

        Am I off the hook now?! *bunny eyes* LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahahahaha! Beautifully crafted dark checks ei?! So this is like an alter ego thingy! Are you sure though that you’re not in there somewhere?! *rme* LMAO!

        I too gbadun thy style o jare! Keep bringing ’em in droves and carry on soaring up high with those beautifully magical wings you just grew! Nothing dey happen! Mwah! LOL

        Liked by 1 person

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