out of this world


Maybe I love you

Maybe I don’t

Maybe I care

Just a little too much

Maybe I just want you to

Show me you care

Maybe I want you to

love me as much as

I love you

Maybe I am just a dreamer



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10 thoughts on “Maybe…

  1. Oh la Quaint and Dainty China, this sizzles! A dreamer? Nah! More like, confused, disoriented, love-struck! This totally resonates! *laughing*

    Don’t we all find ourselves in this kinda grave situations often times?! It can’t be helped, I guess, but then again, what’s life without these seemingly twisted situations every now and then?! Boring, purposeless I say! So then, embrace it and make the best of a bad situation! *winks*

    Kudos girl, well done! LOL

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  2. maybe….
    maybe dreams do come true
    every once in a while the moon turns blue
    maybe just a little faith
    maybe just a little wait
    maybe if the heart stays true
    maybe the fates will come through..
    just maybe…

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    • Wow!
      Am I speechless or what?
      This is so beautiful

      …maybe sometimes waiting take forever
      forever is sweet when it is happily ever after
      The heart of course gets weary and fate can be so cruel
      Don’t even talk of cupid
      He sometimes gets it wrong
      This is not to say you are wrong
      … maybe …just maybe

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      • maybe forever will be dreary with the pain of not knowing
        maybe the heart will forever ache with the doubt gnawing
        maybe the night will always be haunted with not waiting
        maybe hope will always cry over giving up before the happy ending
        maybe just this one time, the Fates leaves one smiling
        maybe cupid somehow makes the world stop spinning
        just maybe…

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      • Hehehe
        Love Doc ain’t giving up just yet πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜€
        …maybe you are so right Doc
        Just maybe…

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  3. I guess there’s a little dreamer in us all. Sometimes it feels like a sickness. But most times, it’s these sort of dreams that keep us sane.

    Nice sweet simple lines. Maybe…

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  4. Amy you didn’t do well not to tell me about your blog o. not talking to you. please always cc me on new post.
    I loved the poem. beautiful and fresh

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    • I do apologise sincerly

      Here i am thinking the link on my twitter bio is visible enough.

      Please do talk me great writer of our time.( i am on my knees)

      I shall always cc you if that is what it takes….

      Thanks for you visit and your comment too.


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