Way home 2

There’s a struggle in my soul guys, a battle and a war.
I’m losing and I’m winning and I can’t take it no more.
My mind is going frantic and I cannot comprehend
My right from wrong my good from bad what’s new and what’s the end.

I’m sinking in the deep guys, with sinful thoughts I drown.
I fall and fall and break my heart and suffer with no sound.
He’s left me all alone guys to die here with this pain.

I can’t believe my living God has left me with my shame.
But little do you all know, that God will never leave.
He waits and waits for you and I to ask him for our needs.

Satan knows this so well, he makes it his main plan
To bring us down and make us feel God has forgotten man.
He plants the seeds of doubt and feeds it to our soul.

We cry and moan and we forget the Lord can make us whole.
His demons start a war with our blessed Holy Ghost.
They taint our minds so that we may become the devil’s host.

I know it can be hard to stay strong when we are weak.
But remember this one thing, you’ll find only if you seek.

Written by Kadeen

( Kadeen loves writing poems and views it as a sort of therapy. She likes to sing and her favorite color is yellow :))


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