out of this world

Way Home

I’m still a babe, a tiny child
Blind and deaf, my soul is wild

Lost and reckless, wandering far
Naive and young but I see a star

It’s shines so bright and glows ablaze
It snaps me out of this beginners phase
I climb the stairs to my Father’s house
As small as I am, a little mouse

In a massive castle, with golden walls
And wings of Angels to soften falls

Pure white robes and the presence of glory
And all the prophets from HIS story

Jacob, Abraham Moses and more!
Smiling and welcoming me at HIS door

The burden of life they remove from me
And clothed me with peace and tranquillity

“Glory be to God” they all say together
“Well done for surviving Earth’s treacherous weather”

With immense feelings of joy and love
I see an emblem on their robes; a dove

“My child you have suffered, but now it is done.”
For He was and is and is to come.

Written by Kadeen

( Kadeen loves writing poems and views it as a sort of therapy. She likes to sing and her favorite color is yellow :))


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2 thoughts on “Way Home

  1. Tranquil…filled with hope

    Liked by 1 person

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