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Who is a Doctor?

…and nurses too😊

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Doctor 3

Who is a doctor? No, I am not asking you to give me the dictionary definition of the word ‘doctor,’ for Merriam Websters and Oxford dictionaries have already done a good job of that.

So I ask again, “who is a doctor?” By that, I mean, who is the person behind the title, “medical doctor?” I think, that doctors are, first of all, humans, just like you and me.

Now, not many of us accept them for who they really are. In fact, views about medical practitioners somewhat swing between 2 extremes: one, the overly expectant notion that doctors are superhuman – they never fall sick, never have problems but are born to bear all our troubles; two, the exceedingly hostile view that doctors are evil – at best, marketing agents for Big Pharma and at worst, people who only want to treat our ailments and not cure them, who lie to…

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  1. No. Thanks for writing and sharing.


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