out of this world


Why this sudden rush of sadness

washing over me,

Cascading downwards,

Threatening to submerge me

In its depths?

I had it good for a while.

So good, I threw my pen

at the spot where the sun kisses the river;

There, I met a writer

The writer who pierced my heart deep with his pen.

My tender heart bled ink

Ink of love maybe….

Maybe I fell in love with the writer

who wrote me to life.

Life on paper was beautiful

Until he drew me out to reality

There i realise I was one of many….

The writer ruthlessly stabbed my heart

He stabbed my soul too.

Now, I’m here with nothing!

Nothing except this poison called LOVE

flowing from my heart.



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5 thoughts on “Stabbed!

  1. This strikes very close to home.

    Words when carefully used have strong impacts. They can move, build or destroy.

    A single choice can make happiness and/or invoke sadness.

    This is a nice piece and could do better if it has happiness dripping all through it.

    Love is beautiful, not dark and poisonous.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well said words are very powerful,
      Can make or Marr….

      Thanks for your sincere comment
      I do hope to have em ” happiness dripping ” inspiration from my muses soonest.


  2. Brilliant…beautiful..
    Words are powerful, and when wielded wrongly can be such a destructive force, especially when used deceitfully

    Liked by 1 person

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