Draw Me…

Draw me on the wall of your heart

I promise I  won’t fade away

I ‘ll live there as long as you want me to

I’ ll never force ‘me’ on you

Draw me on the wall of your heart

Just paint me red

I will blend in well

I stay with you

Till you take your last breath

*    *     *


2 thoughts on “Draw Me…

  1. These words are so enchanting and the concept…….simply brilliant, enticing and entrancing! There’s such a deep urgency in ’em…. a plea to be loved and that’s so sweet and romantic! Hopefully, the one for whom this was conceived will recognise just how blessed he is to have another, go to these lenghts to profess their sincere, undying love for ’em! *laughing*

    Keep on soaring Quaint and Dainty China! Besides being spectacular with thy pen, ink and pencil, thou art also an unapologetic and very incurable romantic at heart! Can one person be soo gifted and talented?! That will be you Jellybeans, double thumbs up! *winks* LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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