out of this world

Drowning in the Depths

The Z Channel

There is a hole

Where my heart used to be;

There is a buzz in my ears

Like the droning of bees

Asking in a voice filled with tears

How long till I am whole?

There is a longing

Deep within, an unease,

Elusive and ill-defined;

A sore that is festering,

An ache that seize

The peace of mind.

There is a darkness,

Thick as a blanket,

Cold as ice,

Wrapping its icy hands

Around me; I am breathless

Alone in the dark basement.

There is a pain,

Dull and throbbing,

Hidden behind smiles;

That waxes and wanes,

Rising and ebbing,

Like the ocean tides.

There is only despair,

A sturdy friend, ever present

As I drown in the depths;

And then there are moments

When I come up for air

Fighting to take a couple breaths.

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