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The rain dropping on the rooftop  was melodious to her ears

As if hypnotized by the plitter platter,

out of bed she jumped

Not caring what she wore.


She ran out blindly into the street scantily clad

soaked she was,  by the rain’s  splatter

she swiveled  to the rhythm  of the rain

she danced carelessly, she danced wild

she felt  free.


There he was, looking out of his window

mesmerized by the rain’s  plip plopping

he saw her dance, he joined in too


splish, splash, splosh,

stamp, stomp, twirl

with no care in the world,

they  danced like lovers  to the rhythm of the rain.




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8 thoughts on “RAIN DANCE

  1. Nice, playful rhythm. Now, this makes one remember those long gone days if playing in the rain. Anyone ever played “rain ball”?

    Nice one.


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  2. You must read this. I got drenched in the thunder storm last night, and wrote this when I stepped in. You will be shocked by the similarities. I posted it on tumblr but not yet on WordPress.
    I suppose great minds really do think alike..? 🙂

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  3. I am totally in love with this piece. ‘M sure ‘ve mentioned before? You’re amazing and inspiring too!

    Please.. Pretty beautiful please, don’t stop writing! God bless your wonderful heart.

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