out of this world

the cyclist




The cyclist, Mike;
He cycles high, He cycles low
I am sure he cycles in his dream;


He once said to a passer-by;
“you know I have once cycled to the moon”.
I guess the passer-by must have thought Mike nut,
For she fled across the road.


What happened, I won’t tell
I leave you to figure it out.
I do not doubt his claim I’d say,
you might think me nut as well.


The cyclist, Mike;
He is a man of great strength, yet gentle.
Bet he’d never hurt a fly.
You might say I crush on him
Guess we all have our crazy


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3 thoughts on “the cyclist

  1. Yea, crazy crush alright…
    Guess Mike is a dreamer…

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  2. You have a way with you

    Liked by 1 person

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