out of this world

I died

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I died,

Four minutes ago
If I had not soil my shirt with tea.

Three minutes ago,
If I had not  change into another.

Two minutes ago
If I had not left home late.

One minute ago
If I had not miss the train.

I missed the train.


I live.

I am grateful.


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7 thoughts on “I died

  1. Wow! I totally dig this concept and the choice of title! And I’m reminded of the smashing Hollywood Blockbuster Flick, ‘Sliding Doors’, starring Gywneth Paltrow! Where a tale’s told twice under slightly changing circumstances! Can’t remember the scenario vividly now, but I think her character actually died in one of the tales, having just caught her man pants down with another and in a blinding rage, she flees the scene and dashes off to meet an untimely demise! In the other tale however, she was saved under a different circumstance!

    Some disappointments are a blessing in disguise! If only we knew what dangers have been averted many a times we’ve had to grumble ’bout running late! It always better to arrive pretty late than never and to realize all of a sudden, that we actually DID die! Chees Gurl, You. Are. Phenomenal! See how you just set me off?! Kudos! *big smile*

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    • Now I have a permanent smile on my face. I bet people are wondering what is wrong with me smiling at my phone like so😊
      If only I can see your face and hear you say these words… hehehe
      It is a pity I have not seen the movie. It does sound like an interesting one though.
      …and you are right sone disappointment are really blessings in disguise
      Thanks you queen yemie

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      • Aw! My internet network’s sooo warped right now that I had to make use of my lappie to check the backlogs of mails piled up over the last few days! Sorry for the late response, I just couldn’t help it! Queen Yemie sha?! Hian! *laughing* Quaint and Dainty China will not be the death of me! Infact, I totally refuse to die! LOL

        Its great being here sweets, a long time coming but am here and stay I shall! Thanks for having me, my most gifted one! Mwah! LOL

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  2. Terrific!
    I absolutely love this

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  3. I really dig this, amity. Makes me remember the story of 9/11 and it is for these exact reasons that some people alive today.
    We should be grateful for disappointments like these ones.

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