photo 1

Hold me

Lead me

To a the fountain

where words never cease.

Don’t let go

Feel me

Let it flow

Don’t go slow.

Trust me

Let those words of love flow

Whisper your love to me

Don’t hesitate.

Tonight we shall rekindle our passion

Let the ink splatter on paper

Don’t hold back

Just let it flow!


8 thoughts on “renaissance

  1. Wow! I adore that pencil-sketched illustration, c’est tres magnifique! In addition to your poems, these are the cherries a-top the pudding for me! It sets you apart! It gives you that ‘ex-factor’ that makes you unique and in a class of your own! There are Poets and there are Poets, but you become an absolute, unrivalling force to be reckoned with, when you put those magical pencils to paper and wrought great wonders with ’em! I’m awestruck, totally and renaissance tells of your unwavering affections for writing and writers, as I’ve come to see since looking through your masterpieces! Carry on gifted one, you’ve got this! LOL

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