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Drowning woman by ~Gitoku on deviantART

Drowning woman by ~Gitoku on deviantART

There’s a deep lake that’s anchored me down.

 I’m fighting to breathe but I’m learning to drown.

 My weighted essence is dragging me down.

The bubbles increase but they make no sound.


 I listen for life but there is no light.

 My soul and its holes are blackened from sight.

 I breathe I breathe, the drops hold me tight.

Nature’s density has hastened the fight.


A fractured part has begged me to stay.

It’s tainted with love so I push it away.

Danger asked me to come out and play.

 So why should I pretend I’m easily swayed.


My body goes rigid as I exchange air.

It feels the depth of the ocean in there.

Washing regret and enclosing the fear.

 How much pressures can a broken vessel bear.


 In momentum I float and my body it glides.

 I feel at one with nature and its tides.

 I drift along as I struggle with sides.

 Should I continue this treacherous ride?


 My mind seems frozen, no more can it take.

I’ve learnt that to live is our biggest mistake.

Acceptance of self I just cannot make.

I watch myself fade for everyone’s sake.


 I’ve nearly arrived, approaching the moon.

 The pain I embrace with the shadows I croon.

Abstract dreams will envelope me soon.

I rejoice and sing, I’ll see you at noon.


Written by Kadeen

( Kadeen  loves writing poems and views it as a sort of therapy.  She likes to sing and her  favorite color is yellow :).)


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