Dreams …

My dreams, I have them every time

It could have been ‘our’ reality

But you lack the mettle to live this dream…


I will in dreamland sojourn

I will dream on…hoping one day they will come to fruition 

‘this reveries are my reality…

the extant which you may never envision


I hear voices. Your voice

Talking to me always

Sweet music to my ears

I talk back too. The say I am delirious

I bet you think so too.

Does it matter?

That is how much of you I have in me


 We keep secrets

Deep things we won’t tell a soul

 Under the full moon where our souls be unite as one

Still in dreamland we let them out.


Where you are, there I am

Together, we share what lies ahead

And where ever we lay our heads becomes our cosiest bed

We have lived through many lives in such short space

We are borne upon the currents of a turbulent streams of dreams.

And you are my boat and I am your sail

Dark, defiant, erect.



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